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Entry Requirements & How to Apply


Entry requirements

  • You have graduated, or will graduate this year from a British University or College of Higher Education with a minimum 2:2 honours degree, preference is given to candidates with a 2:1 or higher. This includes overseas students with a qualification recognised as equivalent to a British honours degree in the above mentioned classifications

  • On application you hold at least Grade C in GCSE English Language, Mathematics and Science gained prior to application. Other qualifications may be considered for equivalency

  • Have a broad-based educational background and be able to read effectively and communicate clearly in standard English

  • The application form requires candidates to provide the details of two referees. If candidates have studied within the last 2 years, an academic reference must be provided. Ideally, candidates should choose someone who can comment on your character and suitability to enter the teaching profession. The other reference should be a school or employer's reference. Please be aware that if references are not appropriate, they may delay the processing of your application


How we select our trainees?

Teaching is demanding but extremely rewarding. It requires teachers who have a range of skills, knowledge, experience and aptitudes and we look for these qualities in our applicants. Our selection process is demanding - we are seeking real talent and commitment.  The University of Warwick screen applications to ensure that academic qualifications and experiences fulfil government requirements for funding, our school scrutinise applications.


What we are looking for?

Schools in our Alliance are seeking to select and train teachers for their schools in the future and teachers who will become school leaders. So, they are interested in people who …..

  • have a moral commitment to ensuring that students they teach achieve academic and personal success that enables them to widen their life chances and to be full members of their communities

  • seek to reduce inequality in the lives of young people

  • are passionate about the subject they apply to teach and about the learning of children, themselves and other professionals

  • bring their own life experiences and wisdom to enrich children's lives whilst being committed to learning from others. Have demonstrated their commitment to young people through voluntary or work experience

  • are committed to ALL the children in our schools and to teaching in a system that values diversity whilst recognising that for students to benefit from it we need to work hard and intelligently

  • have excellent communication skills (verbal and non verbal)

  • have emotional resilience and be resilient problem-solvers who take responsibility for their own learning and who have demonstrated a real passion for teaching

  • have the ability to form good and effective relationships

  • have reflective qualities

  • have an awareness of current issues in education

  • have an energy and a sense of humour


How To Apply

We are busy planning and updating our programme and will be open for applications again from October 2023.  Please get in touch to discuss our new programme and ask any questions.

Remember this will be your opportunity to tell us why you want to teach and why you want to do it with us. Make it clear what your beliefs and aspirations are in the personal statement on the UCAS application and what experiences you have working with children and how this has impacted on you and your thinking.

Or through to the Gov.uk website HERE, then select, ‘Find a training programme’ this will divert you to the Gov.uk website, select search by school/training provider.  Add ‘Harrington Nursery School’ into the search for a training provider box or by provider code ‘268’.  Harrington Nursery School will then show in the drop down and you can select it.

If you would like to apply, please click HERE.

If you would like support on how to write your personal statement, please click HERE.

The University of Warwick have an excellent webpage, 'tips for success', have a look to help you prepare for your application and interview.


If this has not answered one of your questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions, alternatively please get in contact with Laura Baddiley or Stacey Singh at Harrington Nursery School.  01332 769821 / lbaddiley@harrington.derby.sch.uk / ssingh@harrington.derby.sch.uk

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