Harrington Nursery School has a Attendance and Admissions policy.  Families who wish for their child to come to this school should contact the nursery and place their child’s name on the waiting list.  Children are eligible to a place the term after their third birthday. Nursery Schools have long waiting lists so there may be a possibility that your child is unable to start the term directly after their birthday but maybe the following term. Where applications exceed the places available, the Governors will use the criteria specified in the Attendance and Admissions Policy.


As with all Early Years settings, we have to be very careful about managing social distancing in light of Government advice.  Nurseries face a number of challenges during these unprecedented times to make sure we have the right number of children to staff ratios.  This is having an inevitable impact on children who already attend our setting and on potential future admissions.  We need to work together with parents and carers so that we can understand the needs of children applying to be admitted, to ensure that their safety, the safety of other children already in school and their staff is maintained.


Privacy Notice

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