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Harrington Nursery School


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Anonymous(a couple of months ago)

I love sessions with Mrs Pegley-Stanger as we get to sing and read and express who we are. Seeing the kids love these sessions too and even speak about them at home. We'd like to get more of these sessions a week as it builds the children's personalities. Thank you

Sebastian's mummy(a couple of months ago)

We are so privileged to attend such interesting sessions together with our little ones. Having us beside them to help them to engage more in activities. With every session they have reinforced the importance of sharing, being thankful sharing our love.

Avlyn's mum(a couple of months ago)

In Harrington Nursery Hummingbird class it really is amazing and we have a lot of fun with beautiful teachers and all of the gorgeous children. Me and Avlyn are so happy to join this amazing class. Thank you

Khadijah's mummy(a couple of months ago)

Khadijah loved making cards most of all she loves spending and doing things with her grown ups whether it playing or making cards. Today she loved making a card with her Grandma.

Ellie(a couple of months ago)

The session was thoroughly enjoyable. Mrs Pegley-Stanger was amazing at keeping both the children and adults well engaged. Jervase has so much fun and maintained his concentration throughout. He expressed his enjoyment through his use of facial expressions and actions. I too learned some more signs so thank you so much.

Rahmah's mummy(a couple of months ago)

Me and Rahmah really enjoy coming to the Harrington Hummingbird sessions. She loves singing and reading. She always sings the songs from the session and always finds doing creative things amazing. Thank you.-

Anonymous(a couple of months ago)

This is an amazing Harrington Hummingbird morning. We are singing, dancing and listening to the very funny story from the nursery teacher. Such a big surprise to find out my daughter has such creative ideas and independent works with other children. I love this session.

Nasrin(a couple of years ago)

Harrington is a support system. It’s everything and has helped me a lot. Thank you.

Dan Pegg(a couple of years ago)

Harrington is a place we feel welcome and i don't mean just the children that attend, our whole family always feels so welcome by all the staff at Harrington, i love the fact that the staff at Harrington remembers all of our children’s names even those that have never attend the nursery, for us and the children we foster the fact that someone remembers their name means that they are valued and cared for, they are not forgotten. Harrington is a place where our children love to come and learn, play and grow. Harrington to us is very much a second home, we enjoy celebrating various events at Harrington throughout the year. We love everyone at Harrington the staff are incredible! Thank you!

Katy Worthington(a couple of years ago)

Harrington is not just a nursery, it’s a support. Harrington Nursery School rules!! I highly recommend it.

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